How do i set up google business without location?

Create a Google my Business account without a specific location Step 1: Start with your account. Step 2: Enter your company name.

How do i set up google business without location?

Create a Google my Business account without a specific location Step 1: Start with your account. Step 2: Enter your company name. Step 4: Tell Google where you serve your customers. Step 5: Verify your company.

After signing in and entering Google My Business settings, enter your business address. Don't worry, the address won't appear in the Google Maps list. Select the option “I deliver products and services to my customers” and your company will appear in the advertisement without an address. After selecting this option, enter the service areas and commercial specifications of the advertisement.

Google Maps listings work with Google Business Profile. Google My Business offers several options for business owners to indicate how they reach customers in each city. Service area business listings allow you to include your company's local service area without needing to publish the physical address of your business location. So, even if you're not technically a local business, if you offer local business services, a Google service area list will probably work for you.

This is a great option for transport companies or home services. A list of service areas can work for a wide variety of types of businesses, from plumbers to independent home-based salespeople to home nursing care providers. If you are a hybrid company, add your address and service area. If you're just a service area company, add your service area.

When adding your service area, we mean indicating the zip codes or cities where you serve. Google says you can add up to 20 service areas, but recommends that you don't include zip codes that are more than two hours away by car. Optimizing your Google My Business profile is, without a doubt, the most effective step you can take to make your home services company appear in local Google searches. Without this verification process, fake companies could fill out the listings and weaken the validity of Google Maps.

Google emails a card to the address with a verification code to ensure that the company works at the designated address. When setting up your Google My Business profile account, be sure to include the city you're going to as part of your service area. In this way, Google will be able to verify that your company information is correct and that you are authorized to manage this advertisement. Not having a physical address doesn't affect your ability to fill out all the sections of your Google business listing.

For any company, getting visibility for Google searches in your area requires a strategic effort, but it's especially difficult for companies that don't have a precise address. Many home service companies make the mistake of providing only their name and zip code, thinking that Google will automatically show their business in search results in that area. In this post, we'll look at seven strategies that home service companies can use to increase their exposure to Google's local search. Unlike physical companies that serve all customers at one physical address, these companies serve their customers on-site and, as such, have infinite locations.

Google My Business home services companies may represent your company as a company dedicated exclusively to the service area (it does not serve customers at their business address, but rather delivers or serves customers at their address, such as a refrigerator repair company) or a hybrid company (both serve customers at their business address and ship to customers from other locations, such as a retail pool repair company with a store) list). A final tip, not only for home service companies but for any company, is to use Google to get noticed on Google. Even if your business doesn't want to show an address in the ad, Google requires a mailing address for the business. .

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