Do you need a physical address for google my business?

If you are going to add your business listing to Google My Business, you must add a physical address. Your address may be your home address, but you'll hide this address from the public in the next step.

Do you need a physical address for google my business?

If you are going to add your business listing to Google My Business, you must add a physical address. Your address may be your home address, but you'll hide this address from the public in the next step. Google My Business offers multiple options for business owners to indicate how they reach customers in each city. Service area business listings allow you to include your company's local service area without needing to publish the physical address of your business location.

So, even if you're not technically a local business, if you offer local business services, a Google service area list will probably work for you. This is a great option for delivery companies or home services. A list of service areas can work for a wide variety of types of businesses, from plumbers to independent home-based salespeople to home nursing care providers. When setting up your Google My Business profile account, be sure to include the city you're going to as part of your service area.

Please note that service area listings are limited, as are regular GMB listings. Your company name will only appear in the SERPs of your company's service area for most non-branded keywords. Here you will find more information on how to set up your GMB account for service areas. Google now requires that some companies add a physical address and not be a service area company in Google My Business.

Google told Stefan Somborac that this is a new feature, an automated anti-spam protection designed to reduce the misuse of categories in millions of business profiles. Google My Business and local SEO management agency. Your business model determines whether you want to show or delete your address in Google My Business (GMB). These aren't local SEO tactics.

It's a simple decision, determined by where you interact with your audience. This simple decision flow answers some common questions about GMB. Now, SABs can have multiple profiles. The requirements are similar to those of companies with multiple locations.

Each listing must have a unique service area (no overlap) and its own staff. Once again, it all boils down to your business model. Google also suggests a service area of no more than 2 hours of driving. The intention is to prevent companies from trying to seize unrealistically large service areas.

GMB's service area function effectively brings companies without a physical address closer to the map. However, the fundamental concept that a map is an illustration of physical locations has not really been eliminated. Although service area companies don't show a location marker on the map, they are still connected to a physical address in the underlying database. Research suggests that Google Maps considers that the SAB are in the address used to verify the GMB list.

And so, the fundamental concept that the entities on the map have a physical location persists. The distance between the search engine and the physical location of a company is an important ranking factor. Often referred to as “proximity”. Nearby businesses tend to rank higher in Maps results.

As a general pattern, not as a firm rule. In dense and competitive markets, companies that should create listings on SAB often show their direction in the hope of improving their ranking. However, since Google still considers SABs to have a physical location, proximity remains a dominant ranking factor. The decision to show or hide your address is not.

This reinforces the idea that showing or hiding your address is not a strategic decision, it's just a reflection of your business model. In any case, there is some debate among local SEO experts about the impact on rankings. Adding a service area to a business profile that already shows an address won't change your ranking. As for the ramifications of the presentation, if your company has a defined physical location, it will show up as a marker on the map.

If you set up a service area, that doesn't change. Google won't show both a map marker and a service area for a single business location. However, on mobile devices, hybrid business profiles will show a marker on the map and may include service areas in a separate field. This is not true on all surfaces.

At the time of writing this article, this is happening in Google Search on Android and Google Maps on iOS. These types of inconsistencies are not uncommon. Not to mention that Google support will not provide help with GMB listings that violate the guidelines. For what it's worth, if your company is a SAB, your competitors are probably also SAB.

Therefore, even if there is a loss of ranking, most companies in the industry are equally at a disadvantage. For other competitors who show an unsuitable address, use the “Suggest an edit” feature on Google Maps to try to get them to remove their ad. If this is ineffective or too time consuming, consider hiring an anti-spam service. If your company doesn't have partnerships, sponsorships or memberships in the city or area where you'd like to rank in Google search, it's time to change that.

A Google My Business (GMB) account is a tool for companies to create their own presence on Google Maps. You'll need to sign in to your Google business profile when you receive this postcard to enter the code that contains the postcard. In a recent session of Turn Digi from SEO Jo Blogs, AJ presented some of his best strategies for companies without physical addresses to compete for local SEO, and not all of them focus on your Google My Business account. It seems that Google says that some companies should have a physical address, even during COVID, and does it use it as a way to reduce spam?.

If you can't add a Google My Business listing for a location because you don't have a business address in that location, the best thing to do is try to position yourself in the regular organic search results section with high-quality content that is relevant to the city or cities where you want to rank on your website. There have been complaints about this in the Google My Business help forums, one of which was specifically a Pilates studio. Google emails a card to the address with a verification code to ensure that the company works at the designated address. Even if your business doesn't want to show an address in the ad, Google requires a mailing address for the business.

Without this verification process, fake companies could fill out the listings and weaken the validity of Google Maps. Select the option I deliver products and services to my customers and your company will have an advertisement without an address. This provides Google with proof that your company information is accurate and that you are authorized to manage this ad. Business owners who want their companies to appear on the list but don't have a physical location can still access Google Maps.

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